About WCWR, MC

Windy City Women Riders MC is the only sanctioned women’s motorcycle club in Chicago, IL. Our mission is to foster sisterhood among women riders. We are complex, strong, independant women who cannot be described by one word or creed. Our members live in Chicago and the north and western suburbs.

Becoming a member of Windy City Women Riders MC isn’t easy. We take our patch and what it stands for seriously. If you’re looking just for a patch on your back, this is not the club for you. If you’re looking for a home, dedicated friendships and someone you can always count on and if you’re dependable, compassionate, caring and loyal then WCWR MC might just be the place for you.

Full membership in Windy City Women Riders welcomes women into a unique sisterhood based upon a mutual love of riding and a desire to be a part of a riding family.  All brands of motorcycles are welcome as well as levels of riding experience. We are a non biased group and welcome all women regardless of life experience or sexual orientation. Because some of our rides to go to bars we must ask that all full members be at least 21 years of age.

We ask that all prospective members take the time to ride with us, dine with us and really get to know us.  This not only offers us the chance to get to know you but mainly allows prospective members the opportunity to get to know our members, how we ride, what other activities we participate in. It also gives us the time to become friends before taking ownership of the WCWR MC patch.

We take sisterhood seriously. We seek more than just riding buddies, we are friends who are there when you need us and when you don’t. We share more than our love of riding… we share a love for each other.

I am my sister’s keeper, she will never walk alone. Although I may not be at her side, I will come when called.  I will share her happiness, her sorrows, her achievements and her failures. When I am in need I will turn to her first.

Windy City Women Riders MC

To contact us send an email to sheriptr@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About WCWR, MC

  1. Help! We need riders for a benefit ride on May 15th, to construct new Fisher House (comfort homes for active duty service members, veterans and families) at Naval Station Great Lakes.

    New Fisher House will serve both active duty and veterans receiving medical care at CAPT James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center.

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